Sneakers, Trainers, Kicks, Creps, Athletic footwear, whatever title you give them, they have broken the confines of being strictly functional to a defacto status symbol
It may be sports, fashion, collection, one-upmanship and for some, even social status, Sneakers break gender, cultural and class backgrounds.



Collectors/admirers/hoarders of sneakers, affectionately known as "sneakerheads" can come from any gender, background, country, race or religion, all with one common purpose, the appreciation of this thing we know as sneaker culture.
Its not just a cultural aspect, the global sports footwear market is currently worth over 75 Billion Dollars/ 45 Billion Pounds* and shows no sign of slowing down.

SoleSeekers - The Journey of a Trainerholic Sneakerhead...